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Great Adventure

by Lesli Arreguin
Meadowbrook Elementary School
4th grade field trip to Tandy Hills Natural Area
May 12, 2011

“Hello everyone,” said Mrs. Cash. “Is everybody ready?” “Yes!”, exclaimed everyone in the bus. “Stay with your group,” Mrs. Cash said. I was in Group A. Most of my friends were with me. Our leaders name was Mr. Schoech. With us was Mrs. Debora, Mrs. Pate and Mrs. Walton.

Our first stop was at a part full of pretty wildflowers, tall grass and big bushes. The flower that got my attention was the Coneflower. It got my attention because it had the largest stem and it was easy to find. It had pink petals. Not that much but what amazed me was that the coneflower was the only flower I had seen that has the petals falling down.

Jenny and I looked closely. While Mr. Schoech was pointing out a purple flower with a bee in it, he said, “Let's get some magnifying glasses to look more closely and see if anyone can spot pollen on the bee.” I guess Jenny heard while looking. “Mrs. Debora, is this yellow stuff pollen?, she asked. “Yes it is. Good observation.”, Mrs. Debora answered.

I took my magnifying glass and said, “Look! It's in the shape of a star!” Jennifer looked and said, “Oh yeah.” Aly came and we told her to look. She did and became amazed, too.

“Come on guys, time to keep walking.” said Mr Schoech. “Do you all want to go look at some fossils?” “Yes”, said everyone out loud. “Shh!”, said Mr. Schoech. “You're going to scare all the animals away.”

Later we had to balance on a piece of rock to not fall in the mud. It was hard but we got to the fossil part. It was all normal until it started to rain. We were half way to the top. We had two choices: to keep going or go back. We decided to keep going. We weren't tha far from the fossil part. We were in a place where there was nothing above us, just some clouds.

We were surrounded by trees until it began to rain hardest.

Suddenly, Chris came up with the idea of putting a plastic cover over the whole class. We had to be together so we could fit. The rain passed and we had no choice than to climb up the hill that seemed to say, “I'm ready to be stepped on.”

It seemed easy until we found out that we were going to climb a mud slide! It was short but sure slippery. Mrs. Walton had to climb up crawling because she slid! That made the whole class laugh. The sun came out but we were still wet. Finally, we got to the top of the hill.

“What a view”, I said so amazed. The only thing I saw was nature. “Look!, said Aly, “Shells.” I ran towards that area and saw the little shells. They were so shiny and felt like glass. It had a pointy end and brownish spots.

After that, Mr. Schoech pointed out Pennyroyal, a plant that smelled like lemonade. It smelled so good it made me thirsty.

I really enjoyed going there, a lot. I'm planning to go back sometime with my friends.