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Prairie Fest Notes

Prairie Notes:
March 11, 2010

1) Prairie Fest needs YOU!
2) Sponsor Shout Out x 2!
3) Tandy Hills in bloom

1) Volunteers are needed to help set up the festival on Friday, April 23, from Noon - 6 PM and Saturday morning, April 24th at 7:30 AM. The fest opens to the public at 10 AM. Besides doing a good deed, there are other perks. If you will help, please RSVP to Debora Young, today.

2)Whole Foods Market 5% Day was a gusher for Friends of Tandy Hills natural Area. Over $2,900. was raised to help FOTHNA "keep Tandy Hills like it was." That's a new record for the Arlington store on 5% Day. WOW! Big-big Thank You to Melinda Montgomery and the WFM team for your generous support. Be sure and stop by the WFM booth at Prairie Fest.

Without EXELTECH and that big ol' star up there Prairie Fest could not be as green as it is. Dan Lepinski, Senior Engineer at EXELTECH, has been donating his solar power services to FOTHNA since PF-2.

This year Dan has a new and improved set-up he calls the Solar Shuttle. I asked Dan why he so generously helps out PF and he sent a reply in the attached PDF. Thank you Dan and EXELTECH for helping make PF the greenest of the green fests.

See pics of the Solar Shuttle and more here:

WFM shopper and Tandy Hills supporter, Ann Mayo, helping FOTHNA save a prairie.

3) The prairie continues to fill in with color and texture. Here's a few pics from early April at Tandy Hills Natural Area. See YOU on April 24th at Prairie Fest.

Ice blue, Blue Star, living up to its name. THNA, 4/09/2010

A small galaxy of lovely and fragrant Blue Star.

An uncommon white version of common, Prairie Verbena. THNA, 4/09/2010.

The white variety alongside the purple came up at a recently burned area.

Quarter-sized, Texas Star, have started to brighten the Tandy Hills prairie. THNA, 4/09/2010

One star reflecting another.

Prairie Parsley, in a striking pose, at THNA.

Sedge grass thrives near a seep on a recently restored hillside at THNA. One of the 80+ varieties of grass found at THNA.

Dan Lepinski Prairie Fest 2010