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Wildflower Extravaganza with Jim Varnum

2012 there will be no Wildflower Extravaganza hike, instead Jim Varnum will instead be leading tours at PFx3 on May 26. Don't miss it!

"Do you like wildflowers? To observe, to photograph, to simply enjoy? Would you like to see 50 species in one location with practically no walking?" So asks Master Naturalist and Wildflower Guru, Jim Varnum.

Jim and many other experts agree that, the hilltops along View Street contain perhaps the most species of native wildflowers in north Texas. Bring your camera, journal and wildflower books. Jim will answer your questions and entertain you with his funny little stories and easy-going manner. Come when you wish and stay as long as you like. Park on the east end of View Street near the intersection of Lewis Ave.