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FOTHNA Executive Board & Chairpersons 2021

President Don Young

Vice President Greg Hughes

Secretary Debora Young

Treasurer Jim Marshall

Communications Director  Jen Schultes

Immediate Past President: Don Young


Chairpersons of Standing Committees 

Kids on the Prairie Director Anne Alderfer (retired)

Events Director Phil Hennen

Archivist Debora Young

Science Program Director Heather Foote

Scout Liaison Paul Rodman  

Trails Grant Director Suzanne Tuttle

Prairie Posse Leader Joseph Lippert

FOTHNA Board Member bios:

President: Don Young
Don is a native of Fort Worth and discovered Tandy Hills as a teenager. He and his wife Debora Young founded FOTHNA in 2004 as a way to increase public awareness of the park. The first Prairie Fest was held in their front yard across from the park in 2006. He enjoys writing the monthly FOTHNA newsletter, Prairie Notes, and hiking the hills with Debora. He and Debora work together in their art glass business founded in 1973.

Vice President: Greg Hughes
Greg has a B.S and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Tennessee Tech and the University of Michigan respectively and an MBA from TCU. He was Chair of the University West Neighborhood Association and has led organizations dedicated to a high-quality urban environment in Fort Worth. He served on the Executive Committee of the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T) for four years, was elected Secretary, and also was The Tʼs representative on the Regional Transportation Council of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Greg is the chairman of the Metroplex organizing committee of the Great Plains Restoration Council, working to preserve the Fort Worth Prairie Park in southwest Fort Worth. He chaired the initial Bylaws Committed for the Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area and served as the Co-chair of Prairie Fest 2013. An Eagle Scout, Greg is deeply committed to preserving opportunities for everyone in Fort Worth to enjoy the outdoors.

Treasurer: Jim Marshall
Jim Marshall grew up in Fort Worth where he graduated from Eastern Hills High School. After receiving a masterʼs degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, Jim worked a short time for the California Water Resources Control Board in Sacramento. He returned to Fort Worth to operate Marshall Grain Company for 31 years. Since then he has served on the City of Fort Worth Parks Board, Fort Worth Botanical Society boards, founded Send a Scout to Camp and Project Bluebird, and assisted Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area.

Secretary: Phil Hennen
As a neighborhood resident I early on learned the unique value of Tandy Hills Natural Area and have been involved with FOTHNA since its founding as a member of the Executive Board. From an early age my parents instilled in me a deep appreciation for the natural world and I have been a lifelong learner of the its intricate wonders. Over my lifetime I have taken an active role in various environmental organizations that educate about and deal with various issues and problems concerning the natural world. My greatest involvement with FOTHNA has been to help organize the entertainment component of Prairie Fest, our annual fundraising and public awareness event

Communications Director: Jen Schultes
Jen Schultes is a designer and visual artist. She has designed and built a lot of websites. Together with her husky mutt, she loves hiking the Tandy Hills.


Chairpersons of Standing Committees:

Kids on the Prairie: Anne Alderfer Anne, B. A., University of Tulsa, is a decade long certified Texas Master Naturalist. Currently, she is director of Kids on the Prairie and volunteers at Prairie Fest for FOTHNA. She also leads naturalist tours for the River Legacy Foundation and arranges speakers for the Cross Timbers Master Naturalist chapter. Life is better on the prairie.

Archivist: Debora Young Debora is an artist/illustrator and has enjoyed big skies and tall grasses all her life She works closely with husband, Don Young, on FOTHNA activities and their art glass business. She is the author of, Prairie Wildflowers Illustrated, 2014.

Events: Phil Hennen (see above)

Science Program Director: Heather Foote
Magical nooks, high ridge vistas, fossils and an ancient prairie ecosystem draw Heather Foote to Tandy Hills. A native Texan with Galveston Bay home waters, she often feels a bit land locked and recommends hiking the hills as a quick fix for most anything that ails you. Heather is a secondary science educator with Keller ISD, and founded Prairie Keepers to advance nature-based learning. She’s designed Prairie Fest science hikes and interpretive trails since 2012, led Earthwalks as an exhibitor in 2010-11, and co-directed the festival in 2013.

Scout Liaison: Paul Rodman 
Paul has more than 30 years of experience as a Scout leader. He has counseled more than 25 Scouts on their Eagle Service/ Leadership Projects. Paul has also planned and led many church and Scouting conservation and service projects.

Native Prairies Assoc. of Texas (NPAT) Liaison: John Tandy