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FOTHNA tee shirts

We have 2 tee shirt designs: FOTHNA and Prairie to the People. 100% organic cotton. Only $5 each


Protect yourself from the sun while you're hiking in the Tandy Hills. $10


100% organic cotton, these bandanas feature a whimsical design by Jen Schultes. $10

Prairie Wildflowers Illustrated, by Debora Young

This is an enlarged and expanded 116 page makeover of Debora's 2008 edition with 19 new wildflower drawings and updated text and index. $15* |
*A portion of sales are donated by the artist Debora Young, to FOTHNA



How to Puchase

To purchase, send your name and address, indicating your selection. Merchandise is available for pick up at FOTHNA HQ. We can ship for $5. Call or email for more information. Send a check or Money Order to: Friends of Tandy Hills P.O. Box 470041 Fort Worth, TX 76147 

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