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FOTHNA tee shirts

We have 2 tee shirt designs: FOTHNA and Prairie to the People. 100% organic cotton. $20


Protect yourself from the sun while you're hiking in the Tandy Hills. $10


100% organic cotton, these bandanas feature a whimsical design by Jen Schultes. $6

Tote bags

100% recycled material. $5

Prairie Wildflowers Illustrated, by Debora Young

This is an enlarged and expanded 116 page makeover of Debora's 2008 edition with 19 new wildflower drawings and updated text and index. $25* *A portion of sales are donated by the artist Debora Young, to FOTHNA

Prairie Wildflowers Postcards

A set of 10 different postcards from the book, Prairie Wildflowers Illustrated. $10

Prairie Wildflowers of Tandy Hills Natural Area, 2008 Edition

While supplies last, the 2008 Edition is a perk of 100$ FOTHNA membership We still have a few copies of the 2008 Edition. Enjoy exploring the wide variety of native wildflowers growing in Tandy Hills with the original version of this beautiful and useful guide. $10



How to Puchase

To purchase, send your name and address, indicating your selection. Merchandise is available for pick up at FOTHNA HQ. We can ship for $5. Call or email for more information. Send a check or Money Order to: Friends of Tandy Hills P.O. Box 470041 Fort Worth, TX 76147