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iNaturalist Call To Action!

YOU can help us EVERY TIME you visit Tandy Hills Natural Area

We are working to documenting all living species observed at Tandy Hills Natural Area. You can be a Citizen Scientist and contribute species observations. You do not have to be able to identify the species!

Here'e how to do it 

(NOTE: This document is a work in progress. We will update it with additional information and screenshots as we work with the app. Feel free to drop me a line here and I can try to answer any questions.  thanks! jen - Communications chair, FoTHNA board)


  1. Download the iNaturalist web app to your smart phone and create an account 


  2. Allow the app to access your camera, and then use the Observe link to make an observation. 

  3. Now, everytime you visit Tandy Hills Natural Area, challenge yourself to make a few observations of any living species in the area

  4. If you cannot identify your observation, that is ok! Just making the observation provides crucial data.  This is a crowd-sourcing project, so other folks will be able to identify your observation later.  For example, this silly observation of my wallet on a restaurant table was identified by other users. (Note:  that iNaturalist is NOT for "Captive/Cultivated" things ;) 


  5. Observations from Tandy Hills are all collected here:


  6.  Now congratulate yourself: YOU DID SOMETHING IMPORTANT for your local Natural Area! Thank you!