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N. TX Giving Day campaign kickoff

N. TX Giving Day campaign kickoff
August 18, 2015


/ kam' pān / 
1. A series of operations intended to achieve a particular objective.
After our successful inaugural North Texas Giving Day campaign in 2014, Friends of Tandy Hills, is back with a new 30-day fundraising campaign for 2015. Your donations on September 17 will help pay for our outdoor education and restoration programs.
Our objective: to brighten your day in the manner in which you are accustomed with inspiring Prairie Proverbs and sexy pictures of Tandy Hills, delivered via Facebook each and every morning between now and Giving Day, September 17.
Here's a sneak peek at Day 3's message, coming out Wednesday:
All you have to do is enjoy the quotes and pics and mark September 17 your calendar.
Keep up with the daily campaign at the website: 
...or on Facebook, here:
And now a message from our campaign kickoff spokesman, Mr…Ernest…Tubb, ladies and gentlemen !!!!!!

Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area

P.O. Box 470041
Fort Worth, TX 76147

"Keep it like it was."