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Brush Bash 2015 Report: A prairie hill liberated

February 28, 2015
The 7th annual Brush Bash was one for the record book. Two acres of Tandy Hills prairie were liberated from privet and other invasive woody species. Best news of all, the City has committed to 3 more Brush Bashes in 2015. 
By the numbers:
- 2+ acres cleared near main trail
- 6 full days of brush cutting by PACS crew
- 362 cubic yards of brush removed
- 315 documented volunteer hours (many more undocumented)
- 50+ volunteers participated on event day
- 13 lbs. of native grass and wildflower seed distributed
- 3 more Brush Bash events in 2015
The historic event was also a beautiful example of collaboration and partnership between the following.
City of Fort Worth
Parks & Community Services Dept. (PACS)
Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge
Native Prairies Association of Texas (FW)
Boy Scout Troop 12
Friends of Tandy Hills volunteers
Special thanks to Jerry McDowell, Suzanne Tuttle and Michelle Villafranca with PACS. 
Special thanks to John Tandy, Anne Alderfer and Debora Young with FOTHNA.

A former privet patch. Significant trees were retained. 

Trailside views not seen in many decades are now open.


City crews stayed busy loading 28 truckloads of brush.


The cleared area being re-seeded with native grass and wildflower seed.