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Last child in the woods? Maybe not.

December 15, 2014

from The Native Plant Society of Texas

Last child in the woods? Maybe not.

By Dawn Hancock  on July 11, 2014

c Chris Emory

Take heart fellow nature lovers … some parents and teachers do want their charges along with themselves to be in touch with the natural world. Here follows two examples of children and parents/teachers in nature.

Each year Goodman Elementary in the Arlington Independent School District sends all the third grade students out into the wood at Molly Hollar Wildscape. The event is called Walk on the Wildside (WOW) and is wildly anticipated by the students each year. So you may have in your mind scores of third graders running with abandon through the wood. Not so! This is organized chaos planned for weeks in advance by a team that includes school personnel and volunteers from nature minded organizations–Arlington Conservation Council, regional Master Naturalist and Master Gardener chapters and Native Plant Society of Texas members.

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