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The Legend of the Tandy Hills Witchey Tree: LIVE

November 8, 2017

PrairieSky / StarParty on November 11th will be an extra special 2-fer. Come for the moon & star gazing but stay for a LIVE performance storytelling of The Legend of the Tandy Hills Witchey Tree, a 2009 story by, Don Young. Come gather 'round the campfire with a cup of hot chocolate and hear the grisly tale come to life. Peggy and Gene of, Twice Upon a Time Storytellers, will astound you with their storytelling skills. 

Storytellers: 6:30pm sharp (Star party starts at 5pm)

Free. Kid-friendly (mostly). Hot chocolate provided. We depend on good weather for this event. 

Read the original story here:…/legend-witchey-tree-tandy-hills

Twice Upon a Time Storytellers website:

This event is partially funded with a grant from Texas Commission on the Arts.