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Photographer & Visitor Guidelines

September 12, 2018

Tandy Hills Natural Area is not a regular public park. It is a protected natural area containing hundreds of native plant and animal species. Certain activities are not allowed to ensure the protection of this rare native landscape. Below are some general guidelines to ensure all photographers and visitors have an enjoyable expereince at Tandy Hills.

  • Stay on trails and do not create new trails

  • All plants, animals and natural objects are protected. 

  • Foot traffic only, no bicycles, or motorized vehicles

  • Dogs must be leashed and their solid waste removed

  • Discharge of firearms is prohibited

  • Dispose of trash properly

  • Natural area opened from dawn to dusk

  • Be aware of snakes, fire ants, stickers and burs, field rats, homeless vagrants, drug paraphernalia including needles, muddy trails, hornet nests and coyotes

  • Leave no trace of your visit