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Sad News

April 26, 2016

We received news today that our dear friend, Jim Varnum, has passed away. Jim was the Trout Lily expert par excellance and led our Trout Lily Walks since 2008. Jim was a one of a kind and will be missed. He was present at the BioBlitz last Saturday and made iNat postings that day.

Here's a report from fellow Master Naturalist, Carol Clark:

"It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news that Jim Varnum, Master Naturalist and frequent nature speaker and walk leader, has passed away. 

He was a dear friend to many, excellent botanist, wonderful mentor to some, and the best of field companions. His talks amused, inspired and educated in equal measure, and his contributions to the Master Naturalist and Native Plant Society communities are immeasurable.

His Jim's This 'n' That newsletter served as a hub for nature event publicity and was distributed to a list of thousands every two weeks. Every issue was a labor of love, rounding up information from diverse groups so that the maximum number of people could find events in their area and get outdoors.

We will miss his humor, wisdom and knowledge, and we will look fondly back on the hours spent learning by his side in the field."