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Tandy Hills Pavilion Competition Winner

January 31, 2017
Working blindly, without knowledge of the 20 submitting architects, a blue ribbon panel of judges, has selected the submission of, Dennehy Architects, as the winner of the Tandy Hills Pavilion Design Competition. See photos of the submission on the Dennehy Facebook page:
By coincidence, Dennehy also designed a boardwalk/pavilion design for FWNC&R. (Not sure if his design will be used.) Paul Dennehy is also the current President of the statewide, Texas AIA.
First official public announcement of the Tandy Hills Pavilion Competition Award will be made at the AIA-FW awards ceremony on Feb. 18 at the Kimbell Art Museum.
Here’s a link to the Dennehy, FWNC&R boardwalk design.

ADDITIONALLY---- FOTHNA founding member, Jenny Conn, will be awarded a special Honorary Membership award from AIA-FW, at the ceremony in Feb.
COMMENT—If approved by FOTHNA board and FW PARD and funding can be raised (It will), the Dennehy design will dovetail perfectly with the reclaimed views west of the main trail opened up today by a great group Brush Bash volunteers and PARD staff: