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Tandy Hills 2016 BioBlitz Handbook & Diversity Inventory


The BioBlitz puts into motion a community driven inventory that will enhance conservation efforts in the future.

  — B.Benz


The world we live in is changing.  Global atmospheric temperatures are rising, every year in the last four, average global temperatures have increased.  Extinction rates are somewhere between 100 and 1000 times the natural rate.  The human population is growing.  The human population has a net increase of 70+ million every year and though this number is decreasing slowly, the human population is increasing.  Natural resource use by the human population is increasing.  As a recent television add suggests that within 30 years there will be about 9 billion humans that require sustenance.  Moreover, these humans will subsist on food grown on the same land under cultivation today.  Humans will continue to impose their energy and nutritional requirements on the earth’s biosphere.  All of these factors have negative impacts on most other organisms.  If human survival on Earth depends on the survival of other organisms, why wouldn’t we want to know which organisms continue to survive in any particular locality?  Don’t we want to know what we have to work with?  Don’t we know when species are threatened by human population growth, human habitat modification or global climate change?  How important are, and how much do humans depend on, other organisms to live?  A BioBlitz is one way the global perspective can be acted upon locally.

Download the report in pdf format at the link below.